Chaim Z.: “I came in to do insurance for my family and before I knew it was done they worked efficiently and with expertise… they calmed my nerves down …."

Mrs G.: “Nachas takes care of and everything I need with such a smile and graciousness they make you feel like Family…”


Hilda W. ”If not for Nachas I would sit home all day and get old and gray.

Because of Nachas I have what to get up for every day, I do my exercise and have my shiur and inspiration for the day, besides I get to see my landsleit.. Wish we can have the program every day”

Mrs. H. “As I walked into Nachas as a newlywed woman I had no clue of how to enroll for my Health Insurance and Food stamps etc... the Nachas staff helped me through the process and answered all my questions.. Thank YOU!!


Mrs. I. “I came into Nachas to do my food stamps and left with food for thought it was an inspiring appointment, Best place in Brooklyn…”

Mrs E. “When I Walk into Nachas I feel the warmth and care like nowhere else.”


Mrs. K. “Now I know why Nachas has the best name out there”



"Nachas helped me when I had nowhere else to turn, and helped me rise above a crisis. The staff was sensitive and caring, and helped me receive benefits in an efficient and respectable manner." - Sylvia B.


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