Thousands of Holocaust Survivors are Starving.

Nachas helps hungry survivors obtain hot meals and food essentials with dignity.


  Every day, Holocaust survivors receive hot, delicious dinners prepared by renowned chefs and packed with love. We deliver food to Survivors in need who are homebound or struggle with mobility.  Nachas also offers full Shabbos and holiday meals prepared by Nachas staff members, accompanied by personal letters and poems to each Survivor. During the peak of Covid, we also contactlessly hand delivered hundreds of hot meals every day throughout New York to Survivors' doorsteps. Nachas helps Survivors who are at high risk get nutritious food safely and reliably.


The program, which runs several days a week, is geared specifically towards Holocaust Survivors and seniors. It always includes a hot meal in a supportive setting. Survivors in need are discreetly given vouchers throughout the week. We follow up with all members of our programming to ensure that no Survivor is left behind.  Every time a Survivor arrives at Nachas, they receive a hot gourmet meal to take home.

Preparing hot meal holiday packages at Nachas Health that will be delivered personally to Survivors in need.


Nachas Health and Family Network assists low-income survivors who can benefit from SNAP (formerly known as food stamps.) We work together to make the process smooth and seamless. If there are obstacles during the application process, Nachas is always there to advocate for Holocaust survivors and ensure they receive the maximum benefits they deserve.



Yosef* and David* are brothers who were sent to the same concentration camp during the Holocaust.  David was the younger brother and frailer then. He was fading away from starvation.


Yosef knew the only way David could survive was if he shared  most of his meager food rations with him, despite his own hunger.


Both Yosef and David  survived the Holocaust. Yosef is the older brother and frailer now, and David comes to Nachas to pick up food for Avraham, coming full circle.


A Touching Tale:

"When I was at the most isolated and lonely stage of my life, Nachas stepped in to provide me with support groups with other survivors, warm meals and access to entitlements I was too overwhelmed to initiate on my own." -Goldy M.

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