Thousands of Holocaust Survivors are Lonely.

Nachas is a beacon of safe, strong support for Holocaust survivors who feel alone in the world.

As the years pass, Holocaust survivors lose members of their families, friends, and former pillars of support.

Many are left sitting in a pall of loneliness.


That’s when Nachas steps in. We’ve built an incomparable community for Holocaust survivors, who can now receive support from fellow survivors, group counselors and facilitators.


Their lives begin to turn around. The sun starts to shine again.




Nachas hosts regular events, support groups, luncheons, concerts, get togethers, and parties for survivors. Wednesday's pizza party is a favorite among our clients.


Seniors can stay active with our exercise course, a beloved feature of our programming. "The weekends are endless... I can't wait for Monday at Nachas!," is a common refrain among survivors. We recently introduced a weekly Tai chi class designed to provide relief for seniors with arthritis.


Nachas employees visit Survivors who are feeling down, to let them know that the Nachas community misses them and are waiting for them to rejoin with open arms and support.


Holocaust survivors process trauma with cathartic trauma-informed group therapy. They also go to schools to educate students about the Holocaust.


Every year, seniors enjoy a free getaway to the picturesque mountains in Upstate NY.


Nachas is constantly expanding our programs to best meet the survivors' needs.






"When I was at the most isolated and lonely stage of my life, Nachas stepped in to provide me with support groups with other survivors, warm meals and access to entitlements I was too overwhelmed to initiate on my own." -Goldy M.

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