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At Nachas, we aim to ensure that the seniors’ golden years are indeed golden. Seniors can suffer from loneliness, failing health and diminished spirits. Nachas Health and Family Network is a lifeline, providing services and programs designed to preserve and boost seniors’ emotional, financial and physical wellbeing. Nachas is a warm haven for seniors to unite with their peers and enjoy camaraderie and support.


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For more information, call Nachas and inquire about CDPAP.

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Holocaust Program

Intensive Senior Social Programs


Nachas features social events daily. A Parsha shiur and two general shiurim are given by women sensitive and experienced in the world of seniors, who stimulate and inspire the group.


Exercise sessions with trained geriatric instructors boost the seniors with physical stimulation that contributes to their vitality and wellbeing. Refreshments and lunch are always provided.


These programs are enormously successful in enabling men and women who would otherwise remain isolated at home to venture out, interact with companions and infuse them with the vigor to face daily living with optimism and vitality.


Seniors who are unable to get to Nachas on their own are provided with transportation to and from the programs.

Holocaust Reparations and  Assistance

Nachas has recovered thousands of dollars in reparations for Holocaust survivors, masterfully dealing with bureaucratic hitches and difficulties to ensure the funds Holocaust survivors are entitled to. In addition, we host numerous Holocaust support groups.

Referrals and Advocacy

We provide referrals and advocate for our seniors when they require them for:



Soup kitchens,

Assisted living,

and senior programs.


Home Care

Nachas’s home care service has helped many seniors who require assistance with daily living. We guide seniors through the intricate process, saving them time and confusion. Nachas prepares the required paperwork, helps seniors understand the forms, and ease the entire process.


Seniors may need equipments such as medical alert buttons and wheelchairs that can navigate stairs. Nachas provides these vital equipments free of charge. We also assist the seniors in receiving benefits from HEAP, and process their applications for Empower NY. Our trained agents smoothly and quickly navigate the seniors through what would otherwise be a complicated process.


"Nachas helped me when I had nowhere else to turn, and helped me rise above a crisis. The staff was sensitive and caring, and helped me receive benefits in an efficient and respectable manner." - Sylvia B.


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