A Prominent Survivor in Our Community is desperately asking for our help


Survivors often feel the world crashing down on them. A world of trauma and memories of the worst horrors anyone can ever experience. So few people can understand what they went through. For many, especially as they age and become frailer, it is easier to seal themselves off at home and mourn their losses completely alone and unsupported.


Nachas Health saw the distress Survivors face every day, and launched an all-encompassing support program to help Survivors not only continue to survive, but thrive. Every day, Survivors come to Nachas for exercise classes, a shiur, music therapy, a hot lunch with their friends, and most of all - support.


One of our cherished Survivors is a literal ray of sunshine. Despite every horror she went through as such a young child, and all the losses she faced, she smiles a radiant smile every day when she walks into Nachas. She provides other Survivors with hope, support and happiness. Her genuine connection with Survivors, with the staff at Nachas, with everyone she comes into contact with is so beautiful and uplifts everyone who is lucky enough to know her. She speaks about the Holocaust to the younger generation and the media, to ensure that what happened, and the 6 million that were lost, are never forgotten.


Born into one of the most illustrious families in the Jewish community in pre-war Europe, she lost almost her entire family in the Holocaust and came to America with nothing but her faith, her strength and her spirit. The Nazis robbed her of the ability to have children, to build a family. She didn’t know what kind of future she would have.


And she built a life that is awe-inspiring. A life full of beauty and light, helping others rise above the darkness and encouraging them to build beautiful lives too. A life where she turned tears into motivation.


But one day last week when she walked into Nachas, she didn’t smile. She looked scared and uncertain.


And she told us that she doesn’t have money anymore to pay her rent, or buy food. And she doesn’t know what’s going to be.


Our cherished Survivor, who lights up the world of every person she encounters, who is now 94 years old - is scared of losing her home, her stability, her haven.


We cannot sit by and let this happen to a Survivor who fought to survive and rebuild her life when it seemed impossible, who has lost everything already - her family, her ability to have her own children, and the entire world she knew which went up in flames. A Survivor who chose to fill her community with light instead of sinking into the darkness of despair. A Survivor who finally rebuilt her life with some of the things the Nazis had stolen from her - safety, stability, and joy.


We cannot watch a Survivor lose everything she still has!


Nachas is raising money to help our Survivor pay her rent. We implore you to donate and share this important cause with your family and friends.


All funds will go directly to this dear Survivor, directly to letting her live the rest of her life in the home she knows and loves, with serenity and dignity.


Will you help her?




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"Nachas helped me when I had nowhere else to turn, and helped me rise above a crisis. The staff was sensitive and caring, and helped me receive benefits in an efficient and respectable manner." - Sylvia B.


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