There are thousands of Holocaust survivors living in the greater NY area. Yet too many report feeling incredibly lonely and isolated. Survivors are often  impoverished, and don’t have the knowledge or means to access the assistance they are entitled to receive. At Nachas Health and Family Network, we recognize the unique needs of the survivors’ community. Nachas has created a truly safe space for Holocaust survivors to get together and receive support from peers and group counselors. We provide hundreds of hungry seniors with hot meals. Survivors receive assistance in obtaining reparations and entitlements with dignity, warmth and personal attention. Our Dedicated Holocaust Survivors Program includes three major components: Social Support, Healthy Living and Case Management.



"When I was at the most isolated and lonely stage of my life, Nachas stepped in to provide me with support groups with other survivors, warm meals and access to entitlements I was too overwhelmed to initiate on my own." -Goldy M.

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